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GREEK GENEALOGY - 1872 Greece General Election Lists: City of Sparti (Sparta) in the Municipality of Sparta, Lakonia (GREEK-ENGLISH Translation)

The digital collections of the Greek State Archives offer a wealth of information to those of us interested in Greek genealogy.  Included are the "1872 General Election Lists" for each Municipality.  Each row includes:  Line # - Given Name, Surname - Age - Father's Name - Occupation.

This is a GREAT resource, but very difficult to navigate for those who do not read Greek.

I have translated these pages and made them available in both Greek and English for the city of Sparti (Sparta) in the Municipality of Sparta, Lakonia.

Follow the Lulu link below to view a FREE preview.  

Ebook available for download in PDF format 
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Greek From Mozambique Hunts Cretan Ancestors - GreekReporter, August 23, 2012

"A Greek From Mozambique Hunts Cretan Ancestors"

Born and raised in Mozambique, Parashos Skouloudis has never forgotten his Greek roots.  Now he's trying to find them and is searching for his ancestors and any remaining relatives on the Greek island of Crete.  . . . .


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Hellenic Museum of Michigan

Hellenic Museum of Michigan

"As part of its mission, the Museum will chronicle the struggles, triumphs and
contributions of a vibrant Greek immigrant community’s journey to Michigan. Their legacy will be recorded and preserved through artifacts, oral histories, documents and photographs. This rich heritage of extraordinary Greek-Americans, will be passed on from generation to generation."

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GREEK GENEALOGY - 1872 Greece General Election Lists: Communities of Riza, Machmoutmpei-Sklavochori (Amyklai), and Socha in the Municipality of Sparta (GREEK-ENGLISH Translation)

The digital collections of the Greek State Archives offer a wealth of information to those of us interested in Greek genealogy.  Included are the "General Election Lists" for each Municipality.  Each row includes:  Line # -  Given Name, Surname - Age - Father's Name -  Occupation.

This is a GREAT resource, but very difficult to navigate for those who do not read Greek.  

I have translated these pages and made them available in both Greek and English for the communities of Riza, Machmoutmpei-Sklavochori (Amyklai), and Socha in the Municipality of Sparta, Lakonia.

Available for download in PDF format 
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"Riot of Denver Greeks" article - Breckenridge Bulletin, Colorado - March 13, 1909

Published in the Breckenridge Bulletin (Breckenridge, Summit County) Colorado
March 13, 1909


Denver. - Eighty-six members of Denver's Greek colony were arrested and placed in the city jail Tuesday afternoon following a terrific hand-to-hand fight between 300 Greeks and Patrolmen Barbiere, Clark, Wilson and Burghart, who had gone to 1749 Market street to arrest the owners of a gambling layout.

Battling with clubs and revolvers, the policemen rounded up 200 of the Greeks.  In response to a riot call, three patrol wagons, filled with officers, were rushed to the center of the Market street colony.  Owing to their large number the prisoners were sent to police headquarters in relays, each patrol wagon making several trips.

As the jail was not large enough to hold all of those arrested, more than 100 of the less belligerent were released by Chief of Police Armstrong upon their promise never again to interfere with patrolmen.

"The Turbulent Greeks" article - The Durango Wage Earner, Durango, Colorado - October 5, 1905

Published in the Durango Wage Earner, Durango, La Plata County
Thursday, October 5, 1905


The Greeks doing the construction work on the Farmington extension of the D. and R.G., becoming offended because their wages were cut down, raised sand the first of this week.  Throwing down their picks and shovels, they demanded free transportation out of the country, and this not being forthcoming  instantly, they began to tear up the railroad track and play havoc generally with railroad property.  Numbering over 100 men and all armed, the situation was critical.  The sheriff of San Juan county, New Mexico, hastily assembled a body of armed deputies and requested W. J. Thompson, sheriff of this county, to co-operate with him.  Mr. Thompson at once complied with the request and on a special train repaired to the scene of disturbance with deputies provided with Winchester rifles.  Fortunately, terms were agreed upon a conflict avoided, the Greeks being given transportation to Durango, where they could be handled.

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1911- 1920 Florida Passenger Lists (258 Passengers Born in GREECE)

There are 258 people who arrived in Florida between 1911-1920 showing their place of birth as GREECE on the passenger list - those names are transcribed below.  This database is a subset of the database "Florida Passenger Lists, 1898-1951".  If you do not have a subscription to, most U.S. libraries offer access for FREE.  You will be able to view an online image of the actual passenger list.  

All of these passengers departed from the port of Havana, Cuba, and many names seem to be either spelled phonetically or are in some type of Spanish equivalent..  Some of these people made multiple entries from Cuba into Florida.

ARRIVAL - 1911
Lazaro Lascaris
Gus Matsen
Anastasio Mencas
Peter Papero
Alexander Petril
Spiros Vonteris

ARRIVAL - 1912
Constantino J. Bourbakis
Angel Curtis
Petter George
Geo Sarra
Abo Sho
Nikolos Stathes

ARRIVAL - 1913
Simon Ceru
Miguel Cora
Niguel Karanicola
Diamont Nichell
Salon Pelecanas
John Poulas
Juan Sicalis

ARRIVAL - 1914
Nicolas Aslanides
Peter Calesis
Maria Gransuri
John Laufas
Jorge Micolan
Milano Nicolau
Teresa Nicolau
Jacinta Nicolau
Paul Paleologopoul
Teofanes G. Tiliacos

ARRIVAL - 1915
Constantino Bourbakis
Lucas Cracris
Juan Esfakis
Elias Gabril
Jose Manuel (Gabril Manuel)
Antonio Leone
Peter Valmy

ARRIVAL - 1916
Simon Anton
Constantine Bourbakis
Nicolas Caradulis
Saol M. Carasso
Andrew Catapadis
Jno Colitsos
Constandine Constantinedes
John D. Contos
Vacilios Cordoco Moreles
Felipe Demetre Fillo
Joan Esfakis
Leon Esquenazar
Nicolas Floy
Elias Jacis Esther
Daniel John
Nicholas Jurdos
Teresa Jurdos
Vitalio Levy Aruh
John Maropalos
Hormoursis Mouroukis
John Nicholas
Solon Pelecanos
Nicholas Simon
George Simon

ARRIVAL - 1917
George A. Pamassan
Peter Anastos
Haim Angel
John Arkus
Alberto Asseo
Aristides Bavos
Constantino Bourbakis
Constantino Rodopi Bourbakis
Juan A. Collaris
Basilio Cuellas
Arthur Defornis
Jorge Demetrio
Michel Denizac
Jacob Elnecaves
Georgios Escuros
Argiris A. Fantis
Constantino Filas
Athanasio Haskopulos
Checri Hobaica
Kaiser Hobaica
John Jannicosta
Andrew Katapodis
Salomon Lavienoz
Leon M. Levy
Demetrios Litsis
Jose Mabri
Alexander Mantzoures
Jacobo Ojalvo
Roberto Ojalvo
Siriasco Pachelo
Dimitri Papalexopoulo
Tasos Pathos
Juan Simatos
John Stephano
Dionisios Totolos
Constantino Triquila
Alexander Yassimakes
Nicolas Zuros

ARRIVAL - 1918
Speridon Androutsos
Jorge Cacianos
John Juan Candros
Jose Cazes
Spiro Chereshin
Saul Crasso
Aleco Cupas
Christo Diamantopoulos
George Dracopoulos
Emmanuel Fostinis
Georgios Georgeadio
Pierre D. Gouzouassis
Demosthens Hadjopolius
Demosthews Hadjopolus
Stamos Hographakia
Laicas S. Kakris
Dometrio Kietiz
George Mustakis
Samuel Safaty

ARRIVAL - 1919
Salvador Barocas
Sinoru Barocas
Hercules Bouboulis
Catalina Bouboulis
Constantino J. Bourbakis
Rudopi J. Bourbakis
Jereume Christofilis
Samuel Cohen
Nicolas Constantince
Nicolas Constantinos
Constantinides Demetrue
Juan Esfakis
John Gasparis
Andres Katapodis
Demetrios Kipeuros
Bernard Levy
Rafael Mizrahi
Vrasidas Petales
Costas Terzepensios
Spiridion P. Tsilimidas
Demetrio Vasiliu

ARRIVAL - 1920
Haim Adavah
Haim Adevah
Stavros Agelis
Jacobo Ajalvo
Meyer Alfandari
Isaac Algazi
Anastaios Arapidio
Victor Atun
Jorge Baber
Constantinos Balajas
Nissin Barocas
David Barocas
Esther Barocas
Salomon Barouh
Lina Barouh
Papa Barouh
Marcos Barouh
Azaroth Barouh
Joseph Barouz
Robert Barrocas
Isaac Bashar
Eugenia Behar
Benjamin Behar
Luien Behar
Luis Behar
Luisa Beher
Ezra Behmar
Max Benezra
Victor Bensignor
Joseph Bonray
Joseph Bonroy
Rafael Burguillo
Sol Camhi
Rica Camhi
Samuel B. Capuano
Suzanna Castarevas
Manuel Castellar
David Catarevas
Corrie Catarovas
Jacobe Chiprit
Christes Chrissiades
Spino Christodalukis
Chas Chrones
John Chrysicapulo
Mikel Constantinos
Emanuel Cost
John Costas
Geo Cotsonis
Emra Dolmer
Demetrios P. Doufexis
Moris Eatser
Jean Esfakis
Moises Esquenazi
Emmanuel Eustathion
Vitalis Ezrathy
Elias Felaifel
Nicolas Fokidis
Matilda Fortuna
Bernard Gabbai
Dematrius Gabrilies
Speros Gasetas
David A. Goldof
Vitalis Hassan
Vaulios Kanpolis
Hambli Kardoulis
Soteris Karelis
Angel Karioty
George Katapedis
George Katopodis
John Kennet
Harry Kokes
Jose Levy
Mevorah levy
Benjamin Levy
Isaac Levy
Salvador Levy
Isaac R. Malqui
Adolfo Mandel
Peter Marcatos
Moris Matiosz
Albert Maya
Leon Maya
Jacob Maya
Sara Maya
Flora Maya Del Malqui
Edward Megias
Leon Mendez
Antonio Mercaitis
Isaac Misrahi
Samuel Mitrani
Isaac Mizrahi
Albert Mizrahi
Santiago Navarro
Vitali Ojalvo
David Pampanol
Andrew G. Papageorge
Sava Patipoti
David Perez
Raina Perez
Jorge Pete
Geo P. Pirinis
Nick A Pope
Benjamin salinas
Isaac Sarfatty
Berber Setorvi
Nathan Socolor
John Stather
John Stathes
Mick Stathes
Demetrius Stavres
John Stephanow
David Tacher
Demetrios Trahathias
Savas Varipatis
Athanasios Vourletsis
Jeane Weinberg
Sara Weinberg
Anaxagoras Yepertonon
Aportolos Ytis
Antonie Zantiotis

1906-1910 Florida Passenger Lists (91 Passengers Born in GREECE)


There are 91 people who arrived in Florida between 1906-1910 showing their place of birth as GREECE on the passenger list - those names are transcribed below.  This database is a subset of the database "Florida Passenger Lists, 1898-1951".  If you do not have a subscription to, most U.S. libraries offer access for FREE.  You will be able to view an online image of the actual passenger list.  

All of these passengers departed from the port of Havana, Cuba, and the names seem to be either spelled phonetically or in some Spanish equivalents.

ARRIVAL - 1906
Lazaro Angel  
Dometrio Bia  
Jorge Caramalla 
Jorge Caramalla 
Ignacio Caramallo  
Spiro Chichi 
Basilio Cologuize 
Miguel Colorado 
Constantino Cuchis 
Constante Doulides 
Juan Espanol 
Nicita Gabala 
Alberto Gateno 
Miguel Miselidis 
Stefano Pandelaris 
Pindaros Papamickala
Nicolas Papaviche
Constantino Protopapas
Jorge Terragni
John Toromados
Jorge Torgano
Jorge Unadi

ARRIVAL - 1907
Julia Cabrera
Juan Calis
Juastacio Canellis
Nicholas Cardulin
George Cavasela
Nicolas Constantinides
Pandelis Crusco
Basilio Djakas
Antonio Foulis
Miche Galuzi
Ileleanos Gonzalis
Simon Ioros
Manuel Jorge de
Babar Kachunis
Agil Katinos
Joanes Kordones
John Kotles
Nicholas Kuerpers
Miguel Lachanas de
Michael Lambrime
Pantaleon Lelone
Antonio Lucas
Miguel Luratis
Manuel Marles
Gregory Mattews
Apostolos Messetiefolos
Spiro Muchsches
Gorge Nestaso
Constantino Nicalopolos
Chemelis Nicoles
Sakelario Pandelli
Juan Pandelli
Sergio Penido
Antonio Picot
Alejandro Simos
Constantino Soulis
Stefano Stephano

ARRIVAL - 1908
Mikel Alejantis
Jorge Cunadi
Mikael Driza
Constantino Estafinish
Anastasio Hocklakio
Apostelis Kefalles
Gorge Meelache
Emmanuel Zafiro
George Zinzafolissa

ARRIVAL - 1909
Andrew Argyros
Andres Avachichote
Peter Catsamingas
Juan Chavez
Sofacieo Jaspares
Demetrio Juan
Elena Juan
Jorge Juan
Margarita Juan
Esteban Juan
K. Kanellas
Paul Kefalas
Demetrio Levendi
Karabampos Maratas
Nicolas Marino
Angel Muchica
Nicholas Pells
Angel Pepas

ARRIVAL - 1910
John Cagetove
Christy Catsaras
Eripides Fundouklis
Cabettis Michael

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Photograph - Greek Immigrants at St. George's in Philadelphia in 1925 -

Courtesy of

"Here's another wonderful photo of Greek immigrants at St. George's in Philadelphia in 1925! Their dreams and aspirations came true and live on through us--time to pass on the torch to the next generation."

Photograph - 1918 New York Greek Immigrants -

Courtesy of

"This is a photograph from 1918 in New York capturing a get-together and celebration of Greek immigrants from the village of Madytos which is north of Halkidiki in Makedonia. It didn't take long for these hard working people to become part of the American story. . . . "

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1872 Electoral Rolls - GREEK / ENGLISH Surnames - ΑΓΙΟΣ ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ - SAINT JOHN - Municipality of Sparta, Lakonia, Peloponnese Region, Greece

Purpose:  Tool for use as a guide to help non-Greek readers recognize Greek family surnames in online archives at the General Archives of Greece (GAK)

Δημος Σπ'αρτης - Municipality  of Spartis - (Dimos Sparta) 
Lakonia - Peloponnese Region - Greece

Source:  Year 1872 - Election Material From The Collection of Vlachoyiannis - GAK Online Archives
File #025 - Page 426 through 435 -- Start line 1653

Each page contains:  Line #, First Name, SURNAME, Age, Father's name, Occupation - - Note:  The electoral rolls are alphabetized by "First Name".

Additional general Greek surname information can be found at

Greek - English Surnames from 1872 Electoral Rolls for Αγιος Ιωαννης- Saint John

Αδαμάκος - Adamakos

Αλεβετζοβίτης - Alevetzovitis

Ανανίρος - Ananiros

Αναστασόπουλος - Anastasopoulos

Ανδριανόπουλος - Andrianopoulos

Αντωνάκος - Antonakos

Αποστολακος - Apostolakos

Αραχωβίτης - Arachovitis

Αρχάκος - Archakis

Αργυρόπουλος - Argyropoulos

Αριδάκος - Aridakos

Αρνιωτης - Arniotis

Αθανασόπουλος - Athanasopoulos

Αθανασάκος - Athanasakos

Μπαλκανας - Balkanas

Μπανόπουλος - Banopoulos

Μπανταβας - Bantavas

Μπαρλάκος - Barlakos

Μπικράκος - Bikrakos

Μπηρμπάντης - Birbantis

Μπηρμπατάκος - Birmpatakos

Μπηρμπάτης - Birmpatis

Μπογιας - Bogias

Μπολιανίτης - Bolianitis

Μπολοβιτζιώτης - Bolovitziotis

Μπορίτζος - Boritzos

Μπουγιουκλης - Bougiouklis

Μπράκουλας - Brakoulas

Μπτζόπουλος - Btzopoulos

Χαντζηπετράκος - Chantzipetrakos

Χαριτάκης - Charitakis

Χαραλαμπάκος - Charalampakos

Χρήστου - Christou

Δημάκος - Dimakos

Δημητρακάκος - Dimitrakakos

Δημητρακόπουλος - Dimitrakopoulos

Δημητρόπουλος - Dimitropoulos

Φιλιππόπουλος - Filippopoulos

Φλογέρας - Flogeras

Φωτόπουλος - Fotopoulos

Γάγκας - Gangas

Γκαβάκος - Gavakos

Γελαδάρης - Geladaris

Γεωργακαράκος - Georgakarakos

Γεωργακόπουλος - Georgakopoulos

Γεωργοπουλος - Georgopoulos

Γερμονάκος - Germonakos

Γερουλάκος - Geroulakos

Γεροντάκος - Gerontakos

Γιανακοπουλος - Gianakopoulos

Γιαννακόπουλος - Giannakopoulos

Γιαννιας - Giannias

Γιαννόπουλος - Giannopoulos

Γιαννούρης - Giannouris

Γλιτζός - Glitzos

Γούργαρης - Gourgaris

γρίδας - Gridas

Γρίτης - Gritis

Γρίβας - Grivas

Ηλιόπουλος - lliopoulos

Ισάδας - Isadas

Καχριμάνης - Kahrimanis

Καλαμας - Kalamas

Καλημέρης - Kalimeris

Καλόγηρος Παναγάκ - Kalogiros Panagakis

Κανακάκος - Kanakakos

Κανάκος - Kanakos

Κανελλάκος - Kanellakos

Καραμίτζας - Karamitzas

Καστάνης - Kastanis

Καστράκος - Kastrakos

Κατσικας - Katsikas

Κατζίκας - Katzikas

Καβούρης - Kavouris

Καββούρης - Kavvouris

Κελεπούρης - Kelepouris

Κοκκόνης - Kokkonis

Κοκκώνης - Kokkonis

Κολόκοτος - Kolokotos

Κοντάκος - Kontakos

Κοντογεωργάκος - Kontogeorgakos

Κοντογιωργάκος - Kontogiorgakos

Κωνστάκος - Konstakos

Κωνστανταράκος - Konstantarakos

Κωνσταντίνου - Konstantine (Constantine)

Κοντάκος - Kontakos

Κόπανος - Kopanos

Κωτσταντάκος - Kotstantakos

Κουρης - Kouris

Κουρκούλης - Kourkoulis

Κουτράκος - Koutrakos

Κρητικός - Kretikos

Κρικόνης - Krikonis

Κυριαζάκος - Kyriazakos

Λαμπρόπουλος - Lambropoulos

Λάσκαρης - Laskaris

Λείψανος - Leipsanos

Λεωνταρίτης - Leontaritis

Λερίκος - Lerikos

Λεβιδιώτης - Levidiotis

Λιακάκος - Liakakos

Λιακέας - Liakos

Λιγκίτζος - Ligkitzos

Λιγγίτζος - Lingitzos

Λληφερόπουλος - Lliferopoulos

Λουμάκης - Loumakis

Λούβης - Louvis

Μακράκος - Makrakos

Μαλτζινιώτης - Maltziniotis

Μαμης - Mamis

Μαγκανόπουλος - Mankanopoulos

Μαντας - Mantas

Μαραγκάκος - Maragakis

Μαραγγός - Marangos

Μαρκοπουλος - Markopoulos

Μαυρικιωτης - Mavrikiotis

Μιχαλόπουλος - Michalopoulos

Μιλτιάδης - Miltiades

Μητηλιναίος - Mitilinaios

Μητράκος - Mitrakos

Μητζόπουλος - Mitzopoulos

Μουχτερός - Mouchteros 

Μουραμπας - Mourampas

Μουργοκέφαλος - Mourgokefalos

Μουσελές - Mouseles

Μουσελης - Mouselis

Μουστακάρος - Moustakaros

Νανές - Nanes

Νεοφώτιστος - Neofotistos

Νικητόπουλος - Nikitopoulos

Νικολόπουλος - Nikolopoulos

Ορφανάκος - Orfanakos

Ορφανός - Orfanos

Παλαίστρας - Palaistras

Παναγάκος - Panagakos

Παναγόπουλος - Panagopoulos

Παντάζος - Pantazos

Παπαγιαννάκος - Papagiannakos

Παπασκευάκος - Papaskevakos

Παπαθεοδωρόπουλος - Papatheodoropoulos

Παππαγιαννάκος - Pappagiannakos

Παππαθεοδωρόπουλ. - Pappatheodoropoul.

Παππαξανθίκος - Pappaxanthikos

Περιβολιώτης - Perivoliotis

Πετράκος - Petrakos

Πινελης - Pinelis

Πλιόπουλος - Pliopoulos

Πολίτης - Politis

Πουλημενάκος - Poulimenakos

Ψαράκος - Psarakos

Ψυροφονάκος - Psyrofonakos

Ράλιας - Ralias

Ράλιoς - Ralios

Ρηγάκος - Rigakis

Ρουμελιώτης - Roumeliotis

Ρουσάκης - Rousakis

Σαδουράκης - Sadourakis

Σακελλαρίου - Sakellariou

Σαμπρουλάκος - Samproulakos

Σαβουράκος - Savourakos

Σειντάρης - Seintaris

Σγίντζας - Sgintzas

Σκιαδας - Skiadas

Σμυρλάκος - Smyrlakos

Σούγλερης - Sougleris

Σπύρου - Spiro

Σταματάκος - Stamatakos

Σταθόπουλος - Stathopoulos

Σταυράκος - Stavrakis

Στοατάκος η Βασιλείου - Stoatakos or Vasileiou

Στρατάκος - Stratakos

Στραβόλαιμος - Stravolaimos

Στραβολαιμάκος - Stravolaimakos

Τάγκαλος - Tagkalos

Τακτικός - Taktikos

Θεοδωρόπουλος - Theodoropoulos

Τρακάκης - Trakakis

Τρακόγαμδρος - Trakogamdros

Τριαντάφυλλος - Triantafyllos

Τροχάτος - Trohatos

Τζακαμάγκας - Tzakamankas

Τζανόπουλος - Tzanopoulos

Τζιριγωτάκος - Tzirigotakos

Τζιριγώτης - Tzirigotis

Βαμδακάρης - Vamdakaris

Βασιλάκος - Vasilakos

Βασιλείου - Vasileiou

Βασοριώτης - Vasoriotis

Βαζένιος - Vazenios

Βλαχάκος - Vlachakos

Βουγουκλης - Vougouklis

Βούλγαρης - Voulgaris

Ξανθάκος - Xanthakos

Ξηλοπόδης - Xilopodis

Ζαγλανίκας - Zaglanikas

Ζαχαρόπουλος - Zaharopoulos