VIDEOS and HANDOUTS available FREE from First National Hellenic American Genealogy Conference - April 2015


Holy Trinity Cathedral Hall
New York, NY
April 25, 2015

Sponsored by The Education and Culture Committee of the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce
in association with


Video by MGTVUSA


The Part 1 video includes:

-  Interviews with audience members and some speakers.

- Dr. Peter C. Moskos, Sociology Professor and Author - Greek Americans:  Struggle and Success;  Topic:  The Greek experience in America, as documented in the Third Edition of the book.

- Georgia Stryker Keilman, founder of - "How U.S. Records Can Help You Prepare for Research in Greece";  Topic: Learn which documents provide pertinent information for Greek research, including Passenger Lists, Social Security Applications, Death Certificates, obituaries and others including resources available online.


The Part 2 video includes:

- George D. Tselos, Chief Archivist of Ellis Island - "Passenger Ship and Ellis Island Records";  Topic:  Learn the resources available at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum to decipher the information found in Passenger Ship Records.


The Part 3 video includes:

- Professor Louis Katsos, Chairman Education and Culture Committee, HACC - "Brief History of Hellenic Lands", Topic:  The impact of Hellenic history, geography, boundary and village changes in genealogy research.

- Michael Kalavritinos - "Records Available from the General state Archives of Greece and other sources"

- Dr. Marietta Minotos, Director of the Central Service, General State Archives of Greece. Dr. Minotos was not able to personally attend the conference, but attached is a written copy of her speech for your reference -  "Records Available from the General State Archives of Greece" - 


Part 4 video includes:  

- Professor Louis Katsos, Chairman Education and Culture Committee, HACC - Topic:  How to search for published materials that contain materials and records from local communities in Greece and the diaspora.  Examples of books and published articles that are available. 

- Peter Dickson - "Using DNA in Greek Family History Research.  Topic:  Understand the potential of DNA testing for positive family identification.


Video 5 includes:

- Carol Kostakos Petranek - "Planning a Research Trip".  HANDOUT AVAILABLE 


Video 6 includes:

- Debbie Petrides - "A Case Study from Chios".  Topic:  How to use records from Greece to discover the history of your family.

- Gregory Kontos, Historian and Genealogist - "Finding Your Roots:.  Entire Skype Presentation by Gregory Kontos from Athens on his research in Greece for the PBS show "Finding Your Roots" with Henry Louis Gates on Ancient Greeks, mainly his research on George Stephanopoulos' family.

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